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Welcome, mi casa es tu casa

We are a Downtempo, World, Folktronica, Mantras, Ecstatic Dance, and Meditation Music Project.
Our journey began in the Algarve Mountains (South of Portugal), and we are currently based in the South West of France.
Feel free to enjoy our music, and if you like it, please follow us on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, which are our primary platforms.
You can also find us on Spotify and Youtube.
There isn't much more to say; our focus is entirely on music, not on ego or goals

Please, be aware, be kind and compasionate to all sentient beings
Much Love and Karuna
Renato Zentrip
audio message to you!

Zentrip Muzik, Mose, Sam Garret


31/12/2023 - New Eve Retreet (Portugal)

9/12/2023 - Ecstatic Dance La Rochele (France)

25/11/2023 - Cacao Dance Le chant du Merle -Laurede (France)

5/11/2023 - Ecstatic Dax Dax (France)

1/10/2023 - Ecstatic Dax Dax (France)

9/09/2023 - Sacred Soul - Mose x Zentrip Muzik LIVE (Portugal)

3/09/2023 - Ecstatic Dax Dax (France)

23/07/2023 - Ecstatic Dax Dax (France)

11/06/2023 - Ecstatic Dax Dax (France)

07/05/2023 - Ecstatic Dax Dax (France)

11/04/2023 - Ecstatic Dance Montpelier (France)

19/03/2023 - Ecstatic Dance Bordeaux (France)

18/12/2022 - Ecstatic Dance Biarritz (France)

02/12/2022 - Ecstatic Dance Bordeaux (France)

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Poem to you

  Rest in the natural great peace,
  this exhausted mind.

  Beaten helpless by karma,
  and neurotic thought.

  Like the relentless fury on the pounding waves,
  In the infinit ocean of samsara.


This project is dedicated to my friend Balkrishna
May the music follows him wherever he is.